Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness-round 2

I can't believe it's the end of October! When I worked in retail, we were already prepping and planning for Holiday. I'm proud to say I have most of my Christmas shopping done. Woo hoo! It feels great to have these things checked off my list.

The holidays are filled with excitement and energy, kindness and generosity. Through all the glitz and sparkle, gifts and goodies, I want my kids to understand the story and spirit behind Christmas. (I understand many of you may not celebrate Christmas, but this is the holiday of our home. Please know I am not intending to fail to acknowledge other beliefs.) Last year, I hosted a contest/giveaway for a little princess. I was truly humbled by the wonderful stories submitted and it was difficult to narrow down to just one winner, so I ended up choosing three. You can read their stories here. This year I want to have a similar giveaway, but I want to make sure I include both little boys and little girls. Here are the details:

I will begin accepting submissions for children starting immediately. For each nomination, please provide me a narrative/story of the child and why he/she should receive a surprise gift. I also need the child's full name and shipping address. Please also indicate whether the child would prefer princess or superhero costume and approximate size. Nominations will be open until November 9th. I will select the winners and begin making the costumes. This is intended to be a surprise, so neither you as the nominator nor the child will be notified ahead of time. After the gifts have been received, I will make a post talking about each child's story. NOTE: if you provide a submission, you are giving permission for me to share the child's story. Last names will not be used. Please email all submissions to:

The winners will receive either a princess tutu and hair bow or a superhero cape and mask. Littlest Wonders has also generously donated a crocheted hat for each winner. This will be sent anonymously to the child around the Christmas holiday.

I look forward to reading the stories of the special children in your lives. My other intention for this contest is to inspire each of you to perform your own random act of kindness. How about buying the coffee for the person behind you in line? What about raking the leaves in your neighbor's yard? Or make some cookies and take to a friend? Offer to run an errand for a sick friend or relative? Surprise a single mom with a few hours of child care. Your acts of kindness don't need to cost money. Your time is much more valuable than many things you can buy. Think about something simple that would make someone else smile.

Lastly, if you are a vendor who would like to contribute toward a superhero or princess prize, please email me at the same address (

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