Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Checking In!

I can't believe it's April already! This year is going by fast, although I hope it slows down as the nice weather arrives. These spring days make me so happy. We spent some time on Saturday in the front yard chatting with the neighbors and watching the kiddos play Red Rover. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon? The kids are just itching to go outside every day and can hardly wait until the sun warms it up for them. We've had a little snow, rain and even hail so far, but it's just a typical spring in Montana.

I've been very busy around here. We took a mini-vacation early in March to take our kids to Disney On Ice. It was a surprise for them and they just loved it! The next day we went to the indoor waterpark. It was a special treat for the girls and great for them to see their Papa and Uncle.

We also took a trip to Idaho to visit my husband's side of the family. We haven't been able to get everyone together in nearly two years! It was a lot of fun and a lot of activity. There were 28 of us altogether! My kids have a blast with their 13 cousins. There's always someone to play with. My oldest was sad leaving them. :( We took family pictures and I can't wait to see how they turned out. I'm going to need more wall space for all our pictures.

Pinterest continues to bring me inspiration and ideas every week. If you're not already a follower, please join me on Pinterest. Comment below if you need an invitation! Nearly every recipe I've tried has been delicious (I delete the few that weren't a hit). It's helped me in getting ready for my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday. There are some great cakes and decorating ideas that I've been busy working on. It seems like every free minute I have is being taken by one project or another.

I'm also in the middle of another kid's quilt. It is a single irish chain pattern with a minky back and will be perfect for snuggling. I'm going to make a tutu and a fleece tie blanket for my daughter's birthday, too. My Carlia Creations business is keeping me busy moving into the spring and summer. If you haven't already looked at my page, you can find me on Facebook or on my Carlia Creations blog. I have chosen to make everything special order this year (as opposed to making and keeping inventory), so you can contact me if you are in need of something!

Lastly, I will be doing another guest blog spot for Mae on Strive For Progress. It is a kids' Easter craft that is simple and will give them hours of things to do! Watch for my next post on Friday. If you like what you see, become a follower on Mae's blog.

Enjoy the sunshine friends! Visit Srive For Progress on Friday. I've got a few more recipes I'm planning on posting in the next few weeks as well as pictures of my Minnie Mouse party.

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