Friday, January 25, 2013

Holiday Craft Projects

Greetings, readers! Just whipping up a quick blog post to show you some of the holiday crafts we made at our house. These are my personal adaptations of ideas I've seen. I know the season isn't quite right for some of them since I'm behind in some of my posts. It's still nice to have some craft ideas out there when the mood or season strikes you! There's not much for instructions, but if you have a question, just ask below!

This project was a teacher gift idea I got from a friend. It's a rather simple project using a terra cotta or clay pot painted to your color preference, glass vase glued to the upside down pot, pot base turned upside down for a lid and a knob glued on the top. Makes a pretty cute mock gumball machine, right?

This is a simple winter craft the kids made one day. You can really do it as detailed as you want. They simply painted jumbo craft sticks white and then decorated the snowmen with buttons, ribbon, markers and paper hats.

These are Christmas trees made with scrapbooking paper cut into strips. I prepped the strips by cutting them and then let the kids loose with glue sticks. Great project for all ages!

This was one project I kitted for my kids to do with Grandma and Grandpa when my husband and I went to Las Vegas. In each kit was 3 puzzle pieces, 2 googly eyes and a little heart sticker. I left some brown paint and craft glue for them to make these cute little reindeer.
Happy crafting!

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