Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Leprechauns

I don't know about you, but my kids are holiday crazy. We actually had to celebrate Groundhog's Day. Saint Patrick's Day is a bit more fun to celebrate with two young kids. This leprechaun craft is a Mama In Montana original creation. Not inspired by Pinterest. Not recreated from an image or a blog. I prepped everything for my kids to make it easy since they're smaller, but depending on your childrens' ages, you might be able to let them do more of the work. It did take me about 30 minutes to prep 6 of these little guys, but they turned out so cute! Here's what you need:

Paper in green, black, peach, yellow
toilet paper tubes
googly eyes
cotton balls
glue/glue stick
optional: glitter glue
Prep: cut a piece of green paper the height of your toilet paper tube and long enough to wrap all the way around. Mine was 5.5" square. Cut the pieces for the hat, belt, buckle, and face. I cut out of black a 2"x2" square for the hat part and a 5.5"x1" for the brim. Out of white a 2"x.5" belt. In yellow a .5" square for the buckle.  For the face, I cut a 1.75" square out of the peachy color. You could do circles for the face, but I was on a speed mission.

Glue the hat pieces together as shown below.

Color the cotton ball orange with a marker.

Glue the face piece in the top center of your large green square.
Glue googly eyes on the face.

Glue the beard to the leprechaun's face.
If desired, color the rest of the face (nose, mouth).

Draw and decorate the leprechaun's body. Use glitter glue if desired. My youngest daycare kiddo had to have "sprinkles" on her leprechaun! 

Wrap the green square around the tube and glue. Wrap the brim around the top of the tube. I trimmed the edge of the hats so they poked out a bit.
You can see how cute these leprechauns turned out! Each kiddo made theirs a reflection of their personality. My oldest daughter made a girl leprechaun with a bikini top and skirt. A couple kids did not want the beard. Have fun. Mix it up. Happy St. Paddy's Day!!

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