Thursday, January 26, 2012

Felt Board

Anyone who knows me know that I'm a sucker for crafts and a sucker for learning. An educational craft is  the best of both worlds, especially when I have all the supplies at home. If you don't have the supplies, it's very inexpensive to buy them. The felt is usually 4 or 6 sheets for $1 at a craft store and you can pick up a piece of flannel fabric for about $2 (or less if you have a coupon!). You can buy a foam core board or just find some cardboard in your recycle bin (that's what I did). This is a great project that cost me less than an hour of time!

I had a bag of felt in various colors in my craft room. I drew each letter of the alphabet onto a piece of felt. I mixed up the colors for some fun. I also cut out some basic shapes (square, circle, triangle and rectangle).

Then, used an old flat rate box from the post office, and reinforced the bends with some cardboard just to keep it a little more rigid.

Cover the cardboard with a piece of flannel. Solid colors work best. I had white so my felt letters would show up.

You're all set! The felt sticks to the flannel board and you can use it for letter practice, building words, phonics, shapes, etc. My oldest daughter thinks it's a blast but the younger kids just like sticking the letters on the board. Have fun!


  1. Another awesome variation: Use craft foam sheets and cut into shapes (or use pre-cut shapes), and they stick to the bathtub wall!

  2. I love this! I am so doing it for my pre-schooler!!! :)