Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's Kids Crafts

Is it really the end of January already? I can't believe it. We've had the most out-of-character (but amazing) weather this year. Usually January is sub-zero cold and snowy, but we've had heat waves this year. Last week a huge storm dropped record amounts of snow all around us, but somehow missed our valley. We had 45-50 degree weather instead. I suppose that's why it doesn't seem possible for Valentine's day to be here. Today at Target, we had to buy Valentine's for my daughter to take to preschool. I wanted to make something creative, but she was stuck on buying Disney Princess valentines (for the second year in a row). I like making Valentine's crafts with the kids. Basically, anything with a heart on it qualifies.

Here is a simple Valentine's wreath. Just use different colored paper and cut various sizes of hearts out of them. I used a piece of chipboard and cut out a ring the size of the chipboard. I suppose you could cut out a heart shape to REALLY show your Valentine spirit. That will be my next one. Get out the glue stick and let the kids glue the hearts on the chipboard covering all the brown. String some yarn through the wreath to hang it and you're done! Simple, right? If your kids are older, you could even have them cut the hearts. My kids are little and my oldest is just starting to use scissors. She'd probably love to cut out the hearts, but it would take days to just get the cutting done.

Here is another easy Valentine's craft. The great thing about this project is it is spring-y too, so you can leave it up beyond Valentine's day. You need a toilet paper roll, some construction paper, pipe cleaners, hole punch, googly eyes (optional), glue and some markers or crayons. First, cut out a strip of paper that wraps around the cardboard roll and 2 hearts (same size) for the wings. Let the kids decorate and color these as they choose. Wrap the rectangle around the cardboard roll and glue. Then, glue the wings to the back. If you want googly eyes, you can glue them onto the roll as well. Take the hole punch and punch 2 holes on the upper back of the roll. Thread the pipe cleaners through the holes and curl at the top for antenna. Cute and easy!

A friend and I started a crafting club for local folks interested in making a new project every month. I'm hosting the first meeting in February and we're going to be making a Valentine's candle. Stay tuned for pictures!!

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  1. Those butterflies are adorable and the wreath is cute and easy! Thanks!!!