Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Football: Not just for boys

I'm a football nut. NFL....good. College.....good. High school.....good. I'm playing in three fantasy football leagues this year, including one ladies only league of which I'm the commissioner. I married a football nut. We went to a Denver Broncos' game for our honeymoon. We have withdrawls in February after the NFL season ends. I wouldn't have it any other way. We've chosen to raise our girls with the football mentality. In fact, our birth announcements for our oldest had her in a Broncos' cheerleader outfit. My youngest went to her 1st football game when she was not even 5 months old.

This year, we've gone to almost all the MSU Bobcat football games at home (thanks to our friends and family who have given us tickets!!). We've always enjoyed them, but the new stadium is really spectacular. This past weekend, I got the chance to go to the game with just my oldest daughter. It was a special day to have some alone time. It was even more special because she's starting to show an interest in football, what is happening, the players, and the game itself. I loved teaching her about the plays and the rules in 3-year-old terms. AND she gets it. Of course the highlights for her are still Champ the Bobcat, the marching band and dancing to the fight song. But now she has a favorite player (#25 Cody Kirk) and she spends equal time watching the game as she does looking for the mascot. It dawned on me as we were sitting wrapped in a blanket in the (light) rain that I can enjoy football just as much with my girls as any parent might with their son. I know I enjoy the game more than most women and I can share that love with my girls. Teach them to love the sport, too. Football is not just for boys.

As a side note, many of my readers are MSU Bobcat or UM Grizzly fans. The big game is a month away. A friend's mom had designed a new product to help both teams show a little more spirit on game days. Team Tails are animal tails for each mascot that clip to your belt loops (or jacket zippers, purses, etc). My oldest was so excited to get her Bobcat tail at this week's game! Take a look at her site Team Tails to check out the tails and order one for yourself. She has the 2 Montana schools in adult and child sizes. Very cool idea and who doesn't want to support a local Montana business???

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