Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes....

My oldest daughter cracks me up. Apparently she is networking. Today she ran inside and and told me "my friend Sara's friend's mom works with my grandma Pat." Wow. Kudos for the networking. Extra hot chocolate for getting the relationship right.

We also spend time listening to Pandora Disney Radio. Since we recently saw The Lion King in the theater, she really keys into those songs. Elton John wrote and performed several of those songs. She's told both her dad and I that "Elton John is a really good singer. He's pretty awesome." True, but never thought I'd hear it from my 3 year old.

Yesterday we were coming home from town and she started asking about her porcelain teapot that broke last month. Her dad had told her he'd try to fix it, but it's still sitting on his dresser. Her response was "my daddy will fix it. He can fix anything. He is magical." If only I could be as magical as her dad. *sigh*

Lastly, I took her to her 1st dance/tumbling class. She's been dying to go, so we got dolled up in her leotard and leggings with a matching ribbon in her hair. I'm tying the ribbon and she tells me "You know mom, other kids at dance have their moms drop them off." Seriously? #1 she's never been to dance before. #2 she's 3. Much too young to be pushing her mom away. I stayed at dance.

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