Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Spiders

My oldest daughter loves to do crafts. She takes after her mom :) I thought we'd make something for Halloween that we could use to decorate the house. Spiders it is!

Here's what you need:
Construction paper
Empty toilet paper rolls
Pipe cleaners
Hole punch

Cut your paper so it will fit around a toilet paper roll. A standard piece of construction paper can be cut into 1/4th and wrap 4 tubes. Glue the contruction paper around the tube. We used black construction paper to be spider like, but you could use any color.

Using the hole punch, make 4 holes around the bottom of the tube. Insert a pipe cleaner into each hole, fold in half and twist. You can see that the spiders don't have to be all black. Being the mom of a girly-girl, she wanted to make pretty spiders with multi-colored legs. She might be the only person I know who wants pretty spiders. Next time I'll get glitter too.

Cut out small circles for the eyes. You can use the markers to decorate the eyes. Glue them to your spider. Once again, something so simple can make a little one so happy! Happy Halloween!

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