Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flower Pot Pictures

Here's a craft from my archives. This is one we did for Mother's Day. I took the step by step photos with the intention of sharing on my blog, but if you read my intro post, you'll know that summer happened and it's just been a "planned" post instead. The great thing about this craft is you can simplify it if you only have construction paper and glue, or you can make it more complex for older kids with paints and tissue paper flowers. And who doesn't like a pot of flowers in their house??

The supplies you need are:
Construction paper
Pipe cleaners
Markers, crayons or paint
Chipboard flowers (although you could cut out flowers out of construction paper as well)

 First, decorate the flowers. I had a bunch of undressed chipboard flowers from my scrapbooking, which worked perfectly. You can make the flowers out of construction paper or tissue paper. I think it's more fun to use something with dimension. The kids loved coloring with the markers, but paint or crayons are good too.
 Cut the flower pot pieces. I cut a long narrow rectangle and a trapezoid (thanks geometry) out of orange construction paper to look like a terra cotta pot.
 Place your flowers on a background paper with a pip cleaner stem. Glue both the flower and the stem to the paper.
 Glue the large pot piece on the paper covering the bottom of the stems.
 Then, glue the "lip" of the pot at the top of the large paper pot.
 The finished product!

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