Monday, October 10, 2011

We are the people people!

Many of you know I like to sew and quilt. One of my favorite types of quilts to make is a t-shirt quilt. I made my first t-shirt quilt when I was in college using my high school shirts. I figured I wouldn't wear them again, but didn't really want to throw them away. They contained too many memories of trips and teams. Since that time, I've made another quilt for my college shirts, as well as several quilts for other people. I had a memory quilt business for awhile about 5 years ago. I hadn't made one in a few years, but a woman contacted me this summer asking for one for her college shirts.

It's been fun making this memory quilt again. But as I've been sewing away, I've had a couple of thoughts. First, I can't believe I'm making a GRIZ quilt!! I've been a Bobcat fan all my life, having been born and raised in Bozeman. The gal I am making the quilt for went to University of Montana for at least 1 year of her college career, hence the Grizzly gear. Sigh. This Cat fan is glad she decided to transfer. Just kidding............sort of.

This woman was also part of a sorority in college. I makes me think of my own sorority days. Some of my greatest memories are from my time with the Arrows. I will spare you the details (for time, censorship and to protect the not-so-innocent). I feel fortunate that social media (read: Facebook) has created an easy way to keep in touch with these amazing women. I also get nostalgic this week because it's Cornell homecoming. I haven't been back for a homecoming since 2003, but sometime I'd love to take my family back to the hilltop. I'm so excited to see some of my Arrow sisters at a wedding next month. We've all come a long way since our college days and it's so fun to catch up and share how each of us crazy girls is now a wife or mommy or career gal or whatever. I'm lucky to have had such a great experience with a close-knit group. Never again in my life will I have a similar experience. There's just something about sharing college life with a group of friends and sisters.

So, this is mostly a shout out to the sweetest girls I know. Love ya, miss ya, wish I could see ya more often. It's also a quick plug for my home business I call Carlia Creations. T-shirt quilts are just one of MANY things I make, so check it out! or

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  1. Yup... I must admit I neared tearing up. I miss you ladies so much!! We really don't get together enough... I see pics on FB of other people having their 'girls weekends' and I am envious. I am so glad that there will be so many coming into town to celebrate next month! We will have so much fun!!!